‘Delegates were not voting on what the players wanted’ – Kinane reacts to ‘Skorts’ motion at Congress

Tipperary senior camogie team prepare for a league game. (c) Marty Ryan Sports Focus Photography.

Tipperary Camogie have been expressing their disappointment at the outcome of a motion they put forward at this year’s Congress.

Tipperary put forward a motion to allow players to wear shorts instead of ‘skorts’ however it was defeated with delegates voting 64% against the change.

Tipperary Camogie PRO and former captain Geraldine Kinane says most players prefer wearing shorts.

With the motion defeated, she told Tipp Today that a rule change now won’t be possible for another three years:

“An opportunity to change playing rules only comes in every three years so we’ve been waiting a few years for this opportunity to put this motion, it has been put forward previously in the past so it has been a three year wait to put it forward again and unfortunately it has been defeated again.

“It will be another three years, it will be 2027 (before it can be put forward again).

“It’s a very disappointing weekend for those who were in favour of it.

“Skorts, players say they are uncomfortable, they are restrictive in movement, they travel up and shorts are preferred by players.

“Why it didn’t pass? All I can think of is that delegates were there voting on their own personal preference.

“They weren’t there voting on what the players wanted and they should have because at the end of the day it effects the players.”