Nenagh Ormond Rugby Club appeal for donations to secure club’s future

Nenagh Ormond

Nenagh Ormond Rugby Club have started fundraising efforts to maintain their facilities and to have them ready for when Covid restrictions are lifted.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to get them through what they’re calling a lean period due to the pandemic.

The club was founded in 1884 and incoming vice-president, Keith Hayes says they want to ensure it’s still there for generations to come:

“Our membership in total was probably just under 600 people, but I’d say 60% plus of that are under age. They are the future for Nenagh.

“That takes a lot of volunteers out there and it takes a lot to run a club, to provide facilities and try and do our best for these kids the whole way up and hopefully they’ll continue until they reach adult levels.

“Certainly, a big drive this year has been that the membership numbers have got stronger.”

Those wishing to make a donation to the club can do so here.