Liam Sheedy: There’s a very bright future for Tipperary


There’s no fear of the future for Tipperary despite yesterday’s defeat to Waterford.

That’s the view of Tipperary manager Liam Sheedy, who’s side were beaten by The Déise in the All-Ireland hurling quarter-final on final score of 4-28 to 2-27.

The Portroe man has been praising his players for the spirit they showed in battling back in the final quarter of yesterday’s game.

Sheedy says Tipperary will rise again:

“There’s a great spirit in that dressing room and there’s some really good characters and there’s no fear of the future for this Tipperary squad.

“There’s a lot of good players there, there’s a lot of good guys coming through and they will rise again.

“Unfortunately we’ve come up short again at the last six stage but it’s a really competitive environment and I couldn’t have asked for any more from the lads.”

A key moment in the game was the penalty awarded to Waterford early in the second-half, Liam says Tipperary can’t control those moments:

“Yeah I’m hearing that it was inconclusive but there’s moments in matches, we can’t control that one.

“We have full control of over the three times that we get the ball in our hands inside the 21 yard line and normally when we do, we hang up so that’s probably where we look back and say if we just executed our chances we could’ve gotten over the line here.

“I think getting over the line here would’ve given us massive momentum going into the last four but look, it wasn’t meant to be.”

The two-time All-Ireland winning coach also believes a lot of criticisms of his side were answered today:

“I thought the way the crowd cheered my team in off the stadium here tells you all you need to know.

“I would say maybe a lot of people questioned the character I had here in that dressing room, were they too old, were they this, were they that, but I’ll tell you one thing, they gave ye some answer today.

“That is a top quality group with a top quality bench to come in from with top quality guys behind them that didn’t make the 26 today.

“There’s a very very bright future in Tipperary for the next number of years with the quality of player I have in that dressing room and the spirit is as strong as ever.”