What Is The Question: The Answer is Silver

It could not be any easier, Owen gives you the answer, you let him know what’s the question.


Weekdays from 3pm tune in and send Owen your question to the answer. Each day the incorrect guesses will be shown here. Each person who gives their question on air will be entered to win a What’s the Question Jumper thanks Bourke Sports http://www.bourkesports.ie

If your question is correct you will win, ‘What’s The Question’ Limited Jumper, and the cash amount on that day.

Text or What’s App the word ‘Question’ to 083 3113311 Weekdays from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Incorrect guesses so far…

  • If you were to celebrate 25 years of marriage what colour anniversary is it called?
  • Some people are born with what colour spoon in their mouth?
  • What colour bullet do you need to kill a werewolf?
  • What was the name of the horse in the film Lone Ranger?
  • Ag is the chemical symbol for which precious metal?
  • What colour medal do you get when you finish second?
  • What colour is the cutter part of the tin foil box?
  • Mercury is what colour?
  • What colour are most signs on cars?
  • Actors of which colour screen were popular?
  • What do you hope to get if you see 5 magpies?
  • Name manufacture that makes baby products?
  • What was the name of the RTE programme Quick what?
  • What goes before mines to give a place name in Tipperary?
  • What colour are the candlesticks in Les Misérables?
  • What colour is the wire inside a light bulb?
  • Mercedes Arrows F1 cars are known as the what arrows?
  • The side of a 2 euro coin is what colour?
  • Golf Clubs are usually what colour?
  • What colour is Tin Foil?
  • Sean Tobin won what medal at the Irish Athletics in June?
  • What colour are the threads in the song?
  • A company that makes buggies is called what?
  • Quick what was the show run by Bunny Carr on RTE?
  • What’s the colour of the faceguard on a helmet?
  • What is the colour of the trim on the outside of most cars?
  • What colour chain would you wear around your neck?
  • What’s the most popular coloured piercing on your body?
  • Argyria is the build-up of what in the body?
  • What colour is an alloy on a car wheel?
  • What type of onions do you add to a summer salad?
  • What colour costume did Whitney Houston wear in the bodyguard?
  • What was the devil in the Kris Kristofferson song called?
  • A person with the gift of the gab has what colour tongue?
  • What colour can you make from livers?
  • What different colour was CP30 leg from the rest of his body?
  • People descent to be a leader or worrier are set to have what colour eyes?
  • What colour is the filling in someone’s tooth?
  • What colour are horseshoes?
  • In order to be lucky what do you cross your palm with?
  • What colour is hair?
  • What colour is the buckle on your belt?
  • What colour were the old fillings in your teeth?
  • What colour was the old pound coin?
  • What colour is the middle of a one euro coin?
  • Grey and black paint mixed together make which colour?
  •  What do you call a certain joint of meat?