What Is The Question: The Answer is 2

It could not be any easier, Owen gives you the answer, you let him know what’s the question.

Weekdays from 3pm tune in and send Owen your question to the answer. Each day the incorrect guesses will be shown here. Each person who gives their question on air will be entered to win a What’s the Question Jumper thanks Bourke Sports http://www.bourkesports.ie

If your question is correct you will win, ‘What’s The Question’ Limited Jumper, and the cash amount on that day.

Text or What’s App the word ‘Question’ to 083 3113311 Weekdays from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Incorrect guesses so far…

  • How many flags are at the side of the goal in GAA?
  • It takes how many to Tango?
  • How many times have Laois County Council rejected plans for EP?
  • How many people are needed to cycle a tandem bike?
  • How many out of 3 ain’t bad?
  • What is the only even prime number?
  • How many animals entered the arch together?
  • How many halves make a whole?
  • What number jersey is worn by a hooker in Rugby?
  • How many ugly sisters had Cinderalla?
  • How many were in the garden of Eden?
  • What was the chocolate bar 2 and … ?
  • How many Magpies do you see for joy?
  • How many kids did Princess Diana have?
  • How many tolls from Cork to Dublin on the M8?