What Is The Question: The Answer is 10 [CLOSED]

It could not be any easier, Owen gives you the answer, you let him know what the question is.

Weekdays from 2pm tune in and send Owen your question to the answer. Each day the incorrect guesses will be shown here.

The Answer is 10, what is the question?

The clue – You need 10 of them.

Incorrect questions to date ….

  • How many years are there in a decade?
  • What number does the British Prime Minister work from?
  • How many years is an Irish Passport Valid for?
  • What number jersey does Messi wear?
  • How many Green bottles on the shelf?
  • How many commandments are there?
  • What number jersey did Ronan O Gara wear from Munster & Ireland?
  • What was the name of the movie that Bo Derek started in with Dudley Moore?
  • Your left hand on a steering wheel is usually placed at what number?
  • How many years is Daithi O Se presenting The Rose Of Tralee?
  • How many fingers and toes do we have?
  • If you were celebrating a Tin/Aluminum or Diamond wedding anniversary how many years married would you be?
  • The symbol X signifies which number?
  • What year did Tipperary stop Kilkenny’s drive for 5?
  • How many years do you renew your driver’s license?
  • What was the name of Pearl Jams Album?
  • How many commandments are there?
  • October is what number month on a calendar?
  • What is the name of the band,  CC?
  • How many counties In Rep. Of Ireland do not have a city or town in the County?
  • What is 30 divide by 3?
  • How many pins need to fall to score a strike in bowling?
  • How many sides have a decagon?
  • If you hit double 5 on a dartboard what number would you get?
  • Next year, the girl band Little Mix will be together how many years?
  • What is the perfect score on Dancing with the Stars?
  • Nadia Comancei scored a perfect what at the 1974 Olympics?
  • What number comes after 9?
  • How many toes do we have?
  • How many hurdles are there in a 110metre hurdle race?
  • How many Green bottles on the shelf?
  • How many guitars did Engelbert Humperdinck sing about?
  • In the title of the Agatha Christy book/movie how many Indians were there?
  • In the song, lords a-leaping, on which day in the 12 days of Christmas?
  • How many FireFlies are in the song from OWL City?
  • How many outfield players are they on a soccer team?
  • Heath Ledger was in the movie ‘___ Things I hate about you’?

The correct Question guess by Fiona – How many digits are in an Irish Mobile Phone number?