“We’ve got a new hoover and we’re able for them now”: Tipp Mother & Baby home survivor says secrets can’t be swept under rug

A survivor of a local mother and baby home says they’re hoping there’ll be no further delays in publishing a report into those institutions.

Teresa Collins was born in Sean Ross in Roscrea which is one of the 14 mother and baby homes being investigated.

A Commission was set up a number of years ago to examine the treatment of women and children but the report has already been delayed by two years.

The new deadline is October 30th and speaking on Tipp Today earlier, Teresa said they just want answers:

“Look it, we know at this stage that it was between the State and religious orders. We’re not fighting that part now, we know it. We have it out there.

“I mean, the waste [of money] on investigations when they could have really closed the chapter on it a long time ago and got on with life.

“They’re the ones that kept it going. But I’d say behind it all, there might be a little bit more that we don’t exactly know either and maybe they thought they were doing good – I genuinely don’t know. I couldn’t even speak for the government on that.”

Teresa has also set up a Facebook page for survivors, their families and supporters called ‘We’re still here’.

Continuing on Tipp Today earlier, she said they want people to be held accountable:

“You see, they might think the line will be drawn under it but I don’t think people themselves will accept that. They’re used to putting things under the carpets, as I say.

“Well, I tell you, we’ve got a new hoover and we’re able for them now. And I’m not afraid to hoover them up, I tell you, and bring out stuff.

“In fairness, we’ll see what’s in it and see if it’s substantive – if it answers all the questions that have been asked over the years, through all the institutions, not just the mother and babies. Through the Magdalens, through the First Mothers, for every survivor.

“They have a lot to answer to ordinary people.”