Eating disorders and how food intolerance could play a big part

Eating Disorders are a serious mental health issue.

It’s estimated that approximately 1,757 new cases occur in Ireland each year in the 10-49 age group.

And while the majority of cases have their roots in psychological issues or trauma, there are a small number of cases which could be as a result of food intolerance.

Muriel Cuddy from Health Screening Ireland has spoken to us many times on the show about the impact of food intolerances and she has worked with some people who were diagnosed with eating disorders but she has found that at the root of a small number of these cases, is actually food intolerance.

Our Reporter Alison Hyland met with Muriel and one Mum who told of her experience with trying to get help for her son who was suffering from an eating disorder which was caused by intolerance. We have kept their identity anonymous.

Ali began by asking her when she first started to see signs that something was wrong…