Tipperary hurling fans urged to be patient with new management team

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary fans must be patient with the new management team and set up.

That’s according to hurling analyst Ken Hogan.

The Premier are set for an overhaul of the backroom team as new manager Colm Bonnar will reveal his staff in the coming weeks.

Ken Hogan says Tipperary supporters must be patient while the panel makes a transition:

“And I would just ask the Tipperary fans to give them absolutely every support and be patient as well, the Limerick team were patient as well and John Kiely got a lot of stick in his first year or two and that can happen.

“We need to be patient. I think Colm will make the transition easily, there is a lot of experience there and a lot of players still have a lot to offer, but obviously we have to give youth a sling.

“We have won minors, 20s, 21s and I think these players need to get in there and get involved, and contribute to Tipperary hurling.

“I think there is talent there and hopefully Colm and his team will harness that.”