Tipp rugby player says training camp has prepped them for World Cup qualifier

Tipperary duo Dorothy Wall and Amee-Leigh Murphy-Crowe are both named to start for Ireland in this evening’s World Cup qualifier.

Wall starts with number 6 on her back whilst Murphy-Crowe is on the wing, wearing number 14.

Ireland play Spain today, Italy on Sunday and Scotland the following Saturday, with a top place finish guaranteeing a spot in next year’s World Cup.

Fethard’s Dorothy Wall says the training camp leading into this week has gone well:

“Really good, I think coming back off the off season is always a bit rusty, but they definitely made it hard for us, so that we were training at an intensity that was harder or matched to how we intend to play.

“We’ve been fairly put through our paces and now it’s just kind of possibly hit the peak and into the tournament now.”

Ireland (v Spain): (Caps in brackets)

15. Eimear Considine (UL Bohemian/Munster)(18)
14. Amee-Leigh Murphy Crowe (Railway Union/Munster)(2)
13. Lucy Mulhall (Rathdrum/Leinster)*
12. Sene Naoupu (Old Belvedere/Leinster)(41)
11. Beibhinn Parsons (Ballinasloe/Blackrock College/Connacht)(11)
10. Stacey Flood (Railway Union/Leinster)(3)
9. Kathryn Dane (Old Belvedere/Ulster)(13)

1. Lindsay Peat (Railway Union/Leinster)(34)
2. Cliodhna Moloney (Wasps/IQ Rugby)(26)
3. Linda Djougang (Old Belvedere/Leinster)(12)
4. Aoife McDermott (Railway Union/Leinster)(16)
5. Nichola Fryday (Blackrock College/Connacht)(18)
6. Dorothy Wall (Blackrock College/Munster)(7)
7. Ciara Griffin (UL Bohemian/Munster)(Captain)(36)
8. Brittany Hogan (DCU/Old Belvedere/Ulster)(4).


16. Neve Jones (Malone/Ulster)(3)
17. Laura Feely (Blackrock College/Connacht)(19)
18. Leah Lyons (Sale/IQ Rugby)(26)
19. Sam Monaghan (Wasps/IQ Rugby)*
20. Edel McMahon (Wasps/IQ Rugby)(9)
21. Emily Lane (Blackrock College/Munster)(3)
22. Enya Breen (UL Bohemian/Munster)(6)
23. Lauren Delany (Sale Sharks/IQ Rugby)(14).