Healy: Attitudes towards concussion have changed

John Healy (right) following game in 2019. Photo credit: Nenagh Ormond RFC Facebook page

People are ‘wising up’ to concussions in rugby, according to Nenagh Ormond’s John Healy.

Healy, who is an older brother of Munster’s Ben Healy, has had to take a break away from the game due to multiple concussions.

Former England player Steve Thompson spoke out recently about his difficulties with early onset dementia following his playing career.

Thompson, is one of a number of former players suffering from brain injuries who are bringing a legal case against World Rugby.

Healy, who’s 25 years old, told Tipp FM that attitudes have changed around the injury.

“The senior lads in the club would always be telling you to take it easy and mind yourself.”

“Definitely in the last few years everyone has started to become wiser to the fact you just can’t stay doing it to yourself.”

“The whole Steve Thompson thing being in the media helps people get an understanding that it is actually an injury and just because it’s not a broken arm or leg doesn’t mean you can rush it back.”

Listen below: