Motorcycle Drag Racing planned for South Tipp

Photo courtesy of Kieran O'Driscoll

The spectacle of going from zero to almost 200 miles per hour in around 8 seconds could hit the roads of Tipperary if local motorcycle fans come on board.

A meeting will be held on February 25th next at Kilcoran Lodge Hotel near Cahir to garner support for the plans by motorcycle drag racer Kieran O’Driscoll.

While the Cork man’s machine is at the extreme level of the sport it’s also open to smaller and less powerful machines.

Kieran hopes to get enough backing to run a race meet on the old N8 near Kilcoran next year.

“It’s probably the most straightforward of the whole lot of racing but when you get to my end it gets pretty extreme – I think I’m pulling 2½G just off take-off.

“It’s from a standing start – from one point to another over a quarter mile – and it’s basically whoever gets there the fastest wins. You can go from 125cc to 1,500cc or 2 litre bikes no problem at all.”