LISTEN: Templemore Athletic Club – A club in changing times

“The pandemic has been devastating for clubs like ours…”

The words of Adrian Young, chair of the managing committee of Templemore Athletic Club will ring true for many clubs in these difficult times.

Once brimming with competitors and life, Templemore Athletic Club has been silent in recent months but the members are eagerly awaiting the reopening later this month when the clubs world class facilities in the Town Park can be utilised to the full once more.

One of the bedrocks of the community in Templemore for generations, the club has needed to adapt to survive what has been a difficult year. Like many clubs forced to adapt to changing circumstances in the world around them, Templemore Athletic Club are doing all they can to move with the times with a new online ‘Lotto’ set to come on stream later this month. It is hoped this will provide welcome and much needed income in difficult times.

The spirit of those involved with Templemore Athletic club will ensure the club survives, grows and thrives once again. Providing enjoyment and a high quality of life for people in the locality is one of their goals. As the activities resume later this month the club members are doing all they can to ensure the club remains a bedrock of community life.

Tipp FMs Stephen Gleeson went along to Templemore to meet club members Martin Leydon, Ray Nesbitt and Adrian Young to find out how the club is adapting in changing times.

Have a listen on the link below..