Joint-captains accepting a trophy could be banned if motion is passed at today’s GAA congress


GAA’s Annual Congress is underway this morning.

Cynical fouling, a limit of 16 teams in county championships and having All-Ireland finals in mid-July are among the motions being voted on.

However, another motion, if passed, would see only one person being allowed to accept a trophy, rather than joint captains.

Speaking to Tipp FM, hurling analyst Ken Hogan sees nothing wrong with two people accepting a trophy:

“I think we’re playing a team game and I think two players accepting the trophy on behalf of the team, I can see nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

“I’d say unfortunately we’ve had too much time to think this year, too many months to dwell on what should be done and what shouldn’t be done and I think overall two players accepting a trophy on the podium from the president or the Munster council chairman or whoever it is, I think there’s nothing wrong with that.”