Plans for all-weather track on display at Tipperary Racecourse this evening

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Members of the public are being welcomed to Tipperary racecourse later.

A public consultation is taking place from 4pm to 7pm at the Limerick Junction track.

Horse Racing Ireland and Tobin Consulting Engineers are hosting the event, where the public can explore plans for the new all-weather track project.

The all-weather surface will be only the second in the country and is expected to bring 20 extra-meetings per year to track.

Tipperary racecourse manager Andrew Hogan says today will give the public a chance to see what’s planned.

“It’s to show anybody locally and especially all the neighbours, who are very supportive of it, it’s just for them to see the plans before we go to planning, which we hope to do in the early summer.

“It’s really at this early stage now and it’s for everyone to see it and get a vision for what it’s going to look like.”

Andrew added that it’s a really exciting project.

“It’ll be one of the best tracks in Europe, if not the World and it’s really exciting times for us in Tipperary and we’re very grateful for all the support we are getting behind the project.

“The whole industry is very excited about it and definitely locally in Tipperary Town people couldn’t do enough for us.”