Recruitment drive for GAA referees in Tipperary

Photo © Pixabay

Having at least one referee in every club is a target for Tipperary GAA this year.

That’s according to referee recruitment drive committee secretary Philip Kelly.

This year’s course for new referees gets underway in March, with the goal of training new referees to join the 106 current referees in the Premier County.

Philip Kelly says having a referee in every club is a big goal this year.

“We’ve 71 clubs, one of the big statistics coming out of the setup in Tipperary is that 13 of those clubs do not have an active referee at the moment, so that’s representing 18% of our clubs.

“That’s really one of our main targets that the recruitment is going after this year.

“Last year we ran a recruitment course and we qualified 18 new referees so we’re back to running it on a yearly basis (after break during covid) and we’re looking for new refs to make themselves available and to come and do the course.”

Anyone interested in becoming a referee and joining the course can contact their local GAA club secretary or visit the Tipperary GAA website for more details.