Power: Inter-county players need ‘down time’

Photo from Kevin Hanly via Canva.com.

Physical and mental fatigue is an issue for inter-county players.

That’s the view of Tipp Senior Football manager David Power in the wake of the Premier’s exit from competitive action following their loss to Carlow in the Tailteann Cup last weekend.

The Kilsheelan man felt the speed of his side’s transition from defence to attack left them down on Sunday.

David spoke to Ronan Quirke on this week’s Extra Time here on Tipp FM about the challenges facing inter-county players.

“Lads have to have down time as well. Where to the top elite players get down time now? I don’t see it because the top players are probably with good clubs who are going to have long seasons.

“Once the League starts you’re out either every week or every seven week – so you’re out playing seven matches over eight weekends in reality. That is tough going for a so called amateur sport.”