Ronayne: Refereeing decisions frustrating in Tipp loss

Photo © Tipp FM

Angry and disappointed is the reaction of Tipp manager Shane Ronayne in the wake of their controversial exit from the All Ireland Ladies Football Championship.

The Premier Ladies lost out by a point to Monaghan over the weekend having lost to Galway by a similar margin in their previous outing.

However speaking on Extra Time here on Tipp FM Shane Ronayne said they were frustrated at some of the refereeing decisions late in the game.

“To have such blatant decisions go against us in that last 10 minutes especially – everyone is talking about the Aisling Moloney incident in the last 30 or 40 seconds.”

“Then there was Caitlin Kennedy one before that where she scored a point – the referee had his hand up for advantage to Tipperary. Caitlin scored the point and we weren’t happy it turned out to be a free out.”

“It’s very frustrating from the point of view of the amount of work that the players and management have put in.”