Maher: Tipp hurling needs a major overhaul

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Tipperary need a root and branch review in the wake of their exit from the Munster and All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship at the weekend.

That’s the view of former Tipp Minor and Under 21 manager Willie Maher.

The Premier County failed to win any of their provincial games this season.

Speaking on last night’s Extra Time here on Tipp FM Willie Maher said there has to be an acceptance that our system is not working.

“Our senior team is playing a game that is probably you know is gone. Other teams have completely passed us out.

“Losing four championship matches by an average of nine points in Munster – like that’s unheard of.

“We have to look in and really analyse – and analyse in a meaningful way as opposed to any kind of report.

“There’s fantastic hurlers in Tipperary. We have a culture of hurling. There’s unbelievable power behind Tipperary hurling and I think it’s a case of just looking in, seeing what we need to change – if that’s structures, schools, coaching, the way our senior team is set up – everything from top to bottom.”