Kennedy: Tough time to be coming into the Tipp senior squad

Photo from Kevin Hanly.

It’s a difficult time to be coming into the Tipperary senior hurling team according to a local analyst.

JJ Kennedy has been reflecting on Tipperary’s season following a winless Munster championship campaign for the Premier.

With a number of experienced players retiring in recent years, JJ says younger players are now expected to come in and make an impact straight away.

Speaking on this week’s Extra-Time here on Tipp FM JJ says this is a difficult thing to do.

“One of the problems as I see it is we have a lot of players at a certain level but we don’t have those guys like the Ronan Mahers, like the Shane O’Donnell’s or whatever, the fellas that we did have for the past 15 years.

“When you have the Seamie Callanan’s, the Brendan Mahers and the Bonner Mahers in their prime and all these fellas there it’s much easier for younger guys to come in and slot in beside them.

“The guys coming in at the moment are having to be the main men, they are having to be the leaders and that’s very challenging and we just don’t have the quality of players to actually do that at the moment.”