Quinlivan: Tipp lacked penetration against Limerick

Photo from Kevin Hanly via Canva.com.

Tipp need to learn from last weekend’s Munster Senior Football Championship defeat to Limerick.

David Power’s side will now go into the Tailteann Cup where they will take on Carlow.

Speaking on last night’s Extra Time here on Tipp FM GAA analyst Martin Quinlivan said we need to face the fact that it was a poor performance.

“We came a long way short lets be honest about it, you know, just not performed at all.

“The stats are stark – no forward scored from play. When was the last time Conor Sweeney was held scoreless completely? And it wasn’t all down to Conor by any means.

“I think of the 10 points we scored two of those were from inside the 50 yard line. The other eight were four wonder scores from play and four great frees from Jack Kennedy that were all from long range.

“That tells you we couldn’t penetrate. We couldn’t get anywhere near what’s know as the scoring zone in football – the D area.”