Tipp camogie and MIC Thurles’ partnership makes life easier for players- McIntyre

Pictured is University College Dublin and Tipperary Camogie player, Clodagh McIntyre, as Electric Ireland teams up with six intercounty Camogie and GAA stars to look ahead to the upcoming matches and rivalries across the Electric Ireland Camogie Third Level Championships and the Electric Ireland GAA Higher Education Championships. Through its #FirstClassRivals campaign, Electric Ireland will continue to celebrate the unexpected alliances that form between county rivals as they come together in pursuit of some of the most coveted titles across Camogie and GAA.

Tipperary camogie and MIC Thurles’ partnership makes life easier for players.

That’s according to Tipperary and Lorrha camogie player Clodagh McIntyre.

It was announced yesterday that Tipperary camogie teams will use MIC Thurles as their training centre for the next five years.

This ends the practice of training in different pitches around the county, something Clodagh McIntyre welcomes:


“That has changed things hugely because now we know we can be organised that you are always going to be training in Thurles.

“It’s handier for girls as well that are travelling, like if I’m coming down from Dublin now I have the option that I can get the train that brings you to Thurles so I’m not going to be tired driving.

“It’s a great thing to have just a base where you know you’re going to be training and it’s good to get used o the surroundings and have a particular environment as well.”

Clodagh is also hopeful that other changes can make big improvements going forward:

“There’s been little changes this year that make such a huge difference.

“We’ve a new gym now in Borrisileigh in St. Joseph’s School and all those little developments make such a big difference to the team.

“Hopefully them little improvements will stand to us and we can all do our training together, all of our gyming together and essentially boost our morale and atmosphere in the team.”