12 motions on the agenda for County Board Convention

Photo © Tipp FM

The annual Tipperary GAA County Board Convention takes place at the Dome this evening.

Delegates from all clubs will attend in-person, following last year’s online meeting.

Among the most interesting motions at tonight’s convention are on the county bye-law regarding a players eligibility to play for a certain club.

The issue came to the forefront this year following the transfer of four players from Knockavilla Kickhams to Cashel King Cormacs.

The issue also extends to parish boundaries as areas like Clonmel and Thurles have more than one club with no parish boundary.

The proposal being put forward would see a first time member only being allowed to join a club in the catchment area they permanently reside in.

If a member wants to switch clubs, they must prove that their permanent residency has changed to that club’s catchment area, for reasons other than school or college.

Another topic which has been a big talking point in the county is the future of the Under-21 grade.

This year was to be the last year of the grade, but four clubs have put forward a motion to have the grade restored going forward.

These, among many other motions, will be decided on tonight in the Dome.