Five Knockavilla hurlers seeking Cashel transfer after recent dispute

Photo © Tipp FM

Five Knockavilla Kickhams hurlers are seeking transfer to Cashel King Cormacs after mediation on a recent dispute failed to resolve the matter.

The hurlers involved are understood to be All Ireland winning senior panellist Ger Browne, All Ireland winning under-20s Aaron Browne and Devon Ryan, as well as Nathan Ryan and another underage club member.

The background to the dispute is unknown, but the players are understood to be pursuing transfers despite recent mediation attempts.

Former Chair of the West Tipp Board, and current PRO, John O’Shea has been outlining some of the recent developments:

“There was mediators called in, Sean Nugent and Con Hogan – two former county Chairmen – and Roger Kennedy – a former hurler with the Kickhams and former West Board Chair. But nothing came from it.

“So we don’t really know the nitty-gritty of what went on, but I had heard a good while ago that they were going to leave the Kickhams club and move to Cashel King Cormacs. But you were always hoping that these were just exaggerated rumours.”