Major fund raising drive by Templemore A.C

Templemore Athletic Club has been hard hit by the global pandemic and is struggling to find its feet according to club member Adrian Young.

Situated in the heart of Templemore’s town park, the club has been silent in recent months but like many other sports clubs across Tipperary, members are eagerly awaiting the reopening later this month.

The global pandemic has meant that income in Templemore Athletic Club has not been near what is needed to run what are considered world class facilities in the Town Park in Templemore.

Income has fallen but costs have remained consistent and now Templemore Athletic club are about to launch a new online lotto to ensure they have a means of financing the club and ensuring they are in a position to stay afloat and to the forefront of athletics in Ireland.

Adrian Young, the Chair of the managing committee at Templemore Athletics Club says the club needs to rebuild to survive in a post pandemic world:

“This pandemic has really been devastating for clubs like ours. We’ve had really no income at all now for the last year or year and a half and we really have to set about almost rebuilding the club, so we have a lot of work to do.”
“We are about to embark on building a new ‘throws’ training cage where our throwers can come and train inside netting which means it’s a very safe environment. We hope to build that and build it into something that might be used by athletes right across the land.”