Youth mental health charity appeals to Tipperary public for donations

Photo © Jigsaw Facebook

Jigsaw – the youth mental health charity – has launched an urgent appeal for funds as it sees a 600% increase in demand for online support amid the coronavirus crisis.

The service – which was due to open in Tipperary last month – has had to meet the extra demand at a time when donations are down.

Director of Fundraising & Communication Jigsaw Mike Mansfield spoke to Fran Curry on Tipp Today earlier:

“We’re seeing a huge amount of young people, parents, educators coming to our site and ringing our freephone line, getting in touch. They’re just trying to navigate their way through the current situation.

“Obviously, while the demand is up, donations are down. We rely very heavily on public donations all the time and it’s a case of now more than ever. We’re run out the door in terms of demand and alongside that our donations are greatly down.”

If you would like to make a donation to Jigsaw, you can do so here.