Young people encouraged to create short animated films for new Nenagh Children’s Film Festival

Photo from Nenagh Film Festival

Young people are being encouraged to create their own short animated films for the inaugural Nenagh Children’s Film Festival.

The event, running from June 12th to 14th, has been adapted to become an online showcase of local talents, and children at home during this lockdown are being urged to get involved in one of the categories.

Submissions for an animated short of no more than five minutes can be submitted before April 24th.

Artistic Director at Nenagh Arts Centre, Eva Birdthistle has further details on how to get involved:

“The reason why we’re looking for animation is that we’d prefer if children or families didn’t get into the film, because that can bring up issues around GDPR and things like that.

“So we thought, ‘right, how can we work around this?’ and we came up with any type of animation. It can be stop-motion, it can be something as simple as computer-generated cartoons, it could be clay or sand animation, it could be flip-book animation.

“Really it’s the imagination that’s only going to limit the type of creative endeavours that our audiences undertake.”