Women still fighting for equality

Photo © Tipp FM

On this International Women’s Day, a working mother of five in Thurles believes that women are still fighting for equality in social welfare, education and housing.

Speaking on Tipp Today, community activist Ciara McCormack said that progress has been made, but Covid highlighted a lot of areas that need attention.

She said that having more women in politics would help to put more female voices behind women’s issues.

Ciara told Tipp Today that there needs to be better access to social welfare payments and benefits.

“I just had a case this morning that – if you’re on a social welfare claim, only one person can be the main claimant, the other person is the qualified adult, so if you’re the qualified adult, often we see in relationships, the women kind of run the house, but as the qualified adult, you’re not entitled to any information on the claim, if you’re doing a course, you don’t get the extras, I just had that this morning.

“It’s very hard sometimes for women to get forward.”

She added that more women are standing up, doing work in their community and making steps towards working in politics.

“Having those voices at the decision making table will make a massive difference for everyone.”