Well known Tipp podcaster Johnny B reveals Catfishing incident

New song for 2 johnnies - courtesy of LH Publicity

In local showbiz news well known Tipp podcaster Johnny B will has revealed his disturbing story of getting catfished.

Anyone familiar with the popular MTV show Catfish might think this is something that only happens in America but the Cahir broadcaster has this week told of his experience with someone the 2 Johnnies have named ‘The GAA Catfish.’

After starting a conversation online with the woman who has a number of posts, 15,000 followers, and multiple mutual connections they arrange a date which she cancels with the news her auntie has died, and subsequent dates are also cancelled at the last minute.

This week’s episode of their popular podcast has now shot to number one on spotify as he admits to having gone to the mystery woman’s house before revealing who the person behind the profile was.

Speaking about the incident Johnny B said that it’s important to talk about this kind of thing and warn people that you can’t always believe who is behind a social media profile.