Council ready to deal with any further cold snaps

Tipperary County Council CEO Joe MacGrath. Photo: Tipp FM.

If there are any adverse weather conditions during the Christmas period Tipperary County Council will respond.

Joe MacGrath, Chief Executive, has sought to assure the public that the council has a Winter Service Plan for all of their services and will aim to make roads and pathways safe should there be another cold spell.

He told Tipp FM that during the most recent snap they salted 1,100 km of road in the county, sometimes twice a day, and while there are limitations as to how much they can cover they will prioritise the key routes.

Mr. MacGrath says adverse weather can put pressure on the system but they have teams ready to deploy.

“We have an in house emergency planning committee that meet when they need to meet in order to ensure that our response are being coordinated but look we know now we have known for a number of years we have faced severe weather events and I think we are much better now at addressing them certainly as we were years ago, but look they are challenging and they do test the system but you can be sure that if there is a severe weather event we will respond.”