Staffing issues a threat to future of local swimming pool

There are concerns around the future of one Tipperary swimming pool if staffing issues aren’t addressed.

At the weekend the Sean Treacy Memorial pool in Tipp Town had to shut its doors due to staff shortages – something the council has described as extremely disappointing.

A report from the District Administrator shows that during the last recruitment drive only two applications were received, with only one of those people qualified.

Cllr. Annemarie Ryan-Shiner says the council will be running a lifeguard training course shortly and has encouraged people to consider taking them.

She told Tipp FM that they are very grateful to have the pool in the area and don’t want to see it closed.

“They are actively trying to recruit staff because look we know how valuable it is to have a swimming pool in Tipperary Town. We see the efforts in other parts of the county to have access to swimming and we are very grateful that we have a pool and it is well used in the town and we need to do everything we can to ensure that we have adequate staff to run the pool safely.”

The District Administrator urged councillors to push their next life guard training course locally.

Cllr. Annemarie Ryan-Shiner says it is a requirement.

“One of the key requirements is the life guard course that you have to carry out so the council is going to run that course again so if anybody is interested in training as a life guard the first thing that you would have to do is have that under your belt and then apply. So, they will be running that course again.”