Warning to beach goers as temperatures to hit mid-to-late 20s today

If you’re heading to a beach today, you’re being urged to avoid using any inflatables.

The message comes from Water Safety Ireland as many people across Tipperary will be flocking to open water on what is to be the hottest day of the year so far.

Temperatures are set to reach the mid to late 20s.

Chief Executive John Leech says while people will want to cool off in the sea, using inflatables is extremely dangerous:

“Inflatable toys, just don’t take them near a beach. Because of our temperate climate where we’ve got off-shore winds and we’ve got very strong tidal streams and rip-currents, don’t ever use inflatables on open water.

“They have caused far too many drownings so we do not recommend their use.

“And, in fact, they will be banned off some of the country’s beaches this year.”