Two Covid-19 testing centres open in Tipperary

Photo © Google Maps. The Derg Centre, Nenagh

Two Coronavirus testing centres have opened in Tipperary today.

The facilities at Moyle Rovers GAA Club and the Derg Centre in Nenagh are strictly by appointment only, so people should continue contacting their GP for advice on any symptoms.

35 test centres are now open across the country, with a further six to become available tomorrow.

The HSE has said that waiting times are anticipated to improve as new locations are added and more staff are trained.

HSE statement, Monday March 23rd, 2020

The HSE is opening more centres as testing increases, at present there are 35, that will rise to 41 centres by Tuesday 24th March, 2020.

Referral Pathway: GPs can now make electronic referrals for Covid-19 testing for patients, as appropriate, using the Healthlink system. Staff in each Community Healthcare Organisation receives these referrals and offer patients an appointment at a Community Testing Centre in their area. Patients receive confirmation of their appointment by text. The text also includes details of the testing location and the time of the appointment. Community Testing is by appointment only, and the public are advised not to present at these clinics without an appointment as they will not be seen.

Patients and referrers are advised that a waiting time will apply for community testing appointments. The HSE is increasing the capacity of community testing to meet the demand for this service. Waiting times are anticipated to improve as new locations for community testing open, more staff are trained to provide these tests, and critically, the supplies to support increased testing levels are sourced and distributed.

GPs have clinical responsibility for their patients throughout the Covid testing process and if a patient experiences a change in their health while awaiting testing they are advised to contact their GP for medical advice on the management of their presenting condition. Information and guidance in relation to Covid 19 is available in the HSE website at

We are aware that patients who were referred for a test earlier this week may still be waiting for a call back with a test date and location. This is a result of the large number of tests being ordered since the case definition changed last Friday.

We regret that people are waiting and we are asking people to bear with us as we continue to roll out community testing hubs.

Waiting for a test doesn’t change how you manage your symptoms or interactions with other people. If you are waiting on a test to see if you have Covid 19 or you have been tested and are waiting for the results you need to stay home and self-isolate to prevent you spreading any potential infection to others.

If the virus for Covid 19 is not detected you should continue to self -isolate until 48 hours after you last had symptoms. This is because while the virus for COVID-19 was not detected you have symptoms of an infectious respiratory illness which you do not want to pass on to others.

If the virus for Covid 19 is detected you must continue to self-isolate until you are 14 days without symptoms and have had no temperature for the last 5 days of the 14 days.