Transport Minister reiterates support for a bypass of Tipperary Town

Photo courtesy of March4Tipp, Jobs4Tipp & Tipperary Town Chamber of Commerce

The Transport Minister has told the Dáil that a revitalisation strategy for town centres like Tipperary Town will require a range of measures including a bypass.

Responding to Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath, Eamon Ryan said the town is one of many that requires a “town centre first strategy”, where a more pleasant living and business environment is created.

Momentum has been building in recent months surrounding plans for a long awaited bypass of the town.

Minister Ryan says such towns require a range of different actions.

“I think there’s various initiatives we need to make. Yes, absolutely a whole range of bypasses in towns like Tipp.”

“These fantastic 19th century market towns which have fantastic architecture, real strong resources – schools, churches, retail, pubs all within the walking centre. It’s to restore them, to return them to real vibrancy. Young families living in the centre – that’s at the centre of the Town Centre First strategy.”