Submissions on N24 upgrade being considered

Photo from google Maps

Nearly 400 submissions have been made during the consultation period on the proposed upgrade of the N24 between Cahir and Limerick Junction.

Due to the restraints around Covid the consultation was online with the website visited by approximately 2700 people – some people visited multiple times giving a total in excess of 6,700 viewings.

Over 140 individual meetings were held via an online meeting or by telephone during the consultation period which ended on August 6th.

Concerns have been expressed by a number of residents and landowners along the route corridor of the impact the project would have on their area.

Four main route options and six switches were outlined some of which were bound to cause concern according to Director of Roads and Transportation with Tipperary County Council Marcus O’Connor.

“Obviously among all those there are going to be places where it impacts on people, on monuments whatever.”

“That’s the whole idea of having the public consultation – to get that feedback from the public. And if they have detailed information we want to hear that – and that’s what we did hear in the feedback. So I suppose that is very much part of the process.”

“We were obviously constrained by Covid but I feel that the website that was prepared and the online consultation was quite good.”

The project team continues to be available to answer any questions and people can book an online or telephone meeting with a member of the project team through the online booking facility on the project website or by phoning 061 951000.

Updates, news and details of future public displays will be published on the project website.