Steam trains to stop off at Limerick Junction today

Photo courtesy of David Moloney

Steam train fans are in for a treat today as a number of locomotives will be passing through Tipperary.

Engine No 131 will arrive in Limerick Junction at 10.30 from Limerick and depart for Waterford at 11.35. It will be stopping at Tipperary Town Station at 11.50 to fill with water before departing again at 12.05.

Engine No 85 will arrive at the Junction from Mallow shortly after 11am with carriages before departing for Dublin 11:27.

Steam locomotive 131 was built in 1901 in Scotland, for the Great Northern Railway (Ireland). Pulling its coal car, seven Pullman coaches and a guard’s van at the back while Steam locomotive No 85 was built in 1932 in Manchester, for the Great Northern Railway (Ireland).