South Tipperary town could see introduction of electric bikes

Photo: Tipp FM

The idea was mooted at a recent meeting of the Clonmel Borough District with the Community and Economic Development section stating it could work well with other initiatives such Healthy Ireland and Sláinte Care.

The first E-Bike scheme in Ireland saw 100 bikes made available for hire in Castlebar and has been deemed a ‘resounding success’ by Mayo County Council.

Councillor Michael Murphy said similar should be done locally to help with tourism and increase travel options for people.

“I like to think that Clonmel is fast becoming a destination for shall we say experiencing Ireland’s great outdoors. We have so many great amenities like the Blueway for example but also in terms of improved connectivity of the town itself and I think Clonmel is a perfect destination to launch another E-Bike service. We have been designated as one of 19 Healthy Communities in Ireland I think this would fit in excellently with that concept.”

The Community and Enterprise department said this would require co-operation with other sections in addition to a visit to see the scheme in operation, however the overall response was positive to such an idea.

Cllr. Murphy also told Tipp FM he intends to seek an update next month and is hopeful of progress.

“They are going to engage with Mayo County Council to better understand the concept and the funding model for that service, I think its 100 bikes they have across the town of Castlebar. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we had a similar concept, E-Bike Service here in Clonmel, if you had a number of parking bays throughout the town. Hire the bike by means of an app or however possible, travel around Clonmel and then park the bike at another location.”