Options under consideration for N24 upgrade go on display

Photo from google Maps

Route options for a major upgrade of the N24 between Cahir and Limerick Junction will go on public display this afternoon.

The second phase of Public Consultation starts at 3pm today until August 6th, with the range of current route ideas being put forward for early consideration by the public.

It’s hoped that this upgrade will include a long awaited bypass solution to Tipperary Town.

The virtual consultation room will be available on the website – www.n24cahirlimerick.ie

Director of Roads at Tipperary County Council, Marcus O’Connor, says these route options are still at a very early stage.

“I wouldn’t say they’ve been subject to a lot of scrutiny so far. I mean they are solutions that can work.”

“As part of the consultation then we will start looking into those – once we have the feedback – in a lot more detail.”

“We’ll be looking at the geotechnical side of it and the archaeology and all these constraints will be in a lot more detail before we come up with a preferred option.”