Frustration over closure of railway crossing in West Tipp

Photo © Pat Flynn

The closure of a railway crossing in the west of the county is causing frustration to local residents.

That’s according to Councillor John Crosse who raised issues with the level crossing at Grange, near Donohill at a recent meeting.

Councillor Crosse said that the crossing had been regularly closed most weekends in recent months and was critical of Irish Rail for their lack of communication with local representatives

The Fine Gael councillor said these closures were causing problems for people from the area in getting to and from Tipperary Town:

“On a weekly places the grange crossing was closed due to repairs on the line that was causing a a lot of frustration there was one particular issue one Saturday morning where a resident from Tipp Town coming out the landfall in Donohill he had to divert around toward Donohill village and down to the landfill that way and he was actually delayed because the Grange crossing was closed and had to return back home again with all his rubbish.”

He said that the poor messaging between Irish Rail and locals wasn’t good enough and needs to improve going forward:

“The messaging was poor, they weren’t updating us how long it was going to be closed for and how long the work were going on for, no body knew what was going on, my understanding now is that they are finished work in the short term but you can be sure it will be happening again in the new year and I certainly wont be happy unless they ensure that it is for a very short length of time… and people wont find themselves late for work.”