Delay in M24 project unfair to land owners

Photo from Google Maps

The Dáil has been told that the stalling of the M24 project from Cahir to Waterford will have a huge impact on landowners along the routes being considered.

The route wasn’t included in the latest allocation of funds under the Active Travel project.

Deputy Jackie Cahill raised the concerns expressed by people along the route that effectively stopping all work on the project for the coming year at least means nothing can be done on their lands.

“Their land has been sterilised for a long number of years at this stage and its just not acceptable that they’re going to have to wait at least another 12 months.

“I know Minister you hold out the olive branch that it’s in the National Development Plan and there will be funding provided in 2023 but that’s not much good to me when a person comes into my constituency who has been working hard on getting planning for the last number of years and now is told you’re going to have to wait again and see what happens as regards route selection.”

Jackie Cahill also told the Dáil the significant money already spent on the route selection process of M24 could have been a waste.

“The fact that the Minister has decided to cease giving funding at this time means that consultants that have been employed are going to have their contract suspended.

County Council employees have said to me that the money that has already been spent on surveys and traffic management – that money could now be wasted in that if this project is suspended for a number of years they’ll have to go back to base and start from scratch as regards route selection again.”