Cork – Limerick Alliance push for Cahir link

Photo - Google Maps

The current proposals for a motorway between Cork and Limerick are too expensive, according to a local lobbying group.

The Cork-Limerick Alliance Group believes there are ways to link the two cities as well as Waterford at a third of the cost by going via Cahir.

The M20 has been a long-discussed proposal and plans were shelved for the best part of a decade with the cost estimated to be more than €2 billion.

Brian Hyde, chair of the Cork-Limerick Alliance Group, believes upgrading the N24 between Limerick and Waterford would be a better solution.

“You’d have Limerick as far as Cahir and that would then connect onto the M8 to Cork. Then if you wanted to go to Waterford you would continue on the N24 corridor – upgrade that to motorway status to Waterford.”

“So you’d have a direct link then between the three cities (Limerick, Cork and Waterford) using motorway.”