Coalbrook Councillor defends condition of roads in her area

Imelda Goldsboro

A local Councillor has taken issue with claims that the condition of roads in the Ballingarry, Coalbrook and The Commons area of South Tipp are third world.

If follows a letter from a resident of the area to Tipp Today criticizing the rural roads.

While accepting that some works are needed Fianna Fáil representative Imelda Goldsboro says significant progress has been made.

“I would say its very harsh with regards to our Roads Programme.”

“I’m a councillor for seven years and since I’ve got in 27 roads would have been completed in the parish. There would be 13 to 16 roads that are still in need of attention and yes some of them would be very bad.”

“Our Roads Programme for the next three years is commencing in September/October so I would be confident of getting some of those on it.”