Call for action on Tipp Town traffic lights

Photo courtesy of March4Tipp, Jobs4Tipp & Tipperary Town Chamber of Commerce.

County Council engineers are being called on to address issues with traffic lights in a West Tipp Town.

There are long running problems with traffic congestion and delays in Tipp Town, with one motorists recently reporting waiting for 20 minutes to get through the main street.

David Moloney is a member of the N24 Facebook Group and says that the issue is the radar sensors at the traffic lights are not being properly triggered by the cars.

He told Tipp Today there should be a timer installed, and says that the council needs to stop passing responsibility.

“You have a local councillor… he was almost resigned to the fact that nothing could be done about it, it’s amazing – why are we having local councillors and paying them €23,000 a year and then they more or less put their hands up and say yeah that is a problem that’s it but we more or less have to live with it. The only way I have seen the only way to get things done… is the radio.”

People have been called on to voice their concerns.

“They don’t seem to have known that it was the sensors that was wrong, they thought it was something else. All of this comes down to is really not communicating not going out on the ground and seeing what the situation really is and not talking to people. The other big issue is people need to start learning to complain, if people don’t raise the issues they will never be resolved and they have great opportunity to raise issues on social media and on the radio, and that seems to be the only way the council will react is when its pointed out to them on the radio.”