Public consultation underway on Clonmel – Cahir Greenway

Photo courtesy of Cllr Máirín McGrath Facebook page

A proposed Greenway Project linking Cahir and Clonmel is a step closer.

The route, which would connect to the Suir Blueway in Clonmel and extend this trail in a westerly direction towards Cahir, is now in the preliminary stages of public consultation.

Cllr Mairín McGrath told Tipp Today that the public consultation is open to collect the views of residents, landowners, farmers, and stakeholders in the study area until September 12th.

She says extending on the Suir Blueway is something she believes people would want, yet there is no concrete route established yet.

“There’s no guarantee of a direct extension of the Suir Blueway, although a lot of people have, in the past, suggested that it would be nice to see. I think when people come as far as the Swiss Cottage and you can’t go much further than that, sometimes it confuses them that the Blueway isn’t actually the whole way to Clonmel. It is by river, and there’s slipways in Ardfinnan and Newcastle, I kayak along the Blueway a lot myself, between Cahir and Newcastle, so it’s a fantastic amenity, but this is the first round of public consultation about their views about where the Cahir to Clonmel proposed Greenway should or would go.”

“From the get-go, the council wants to ensure that people are involved and the landowners are engaged with and talked to. I think during Covid, we got a real appreciation for the outdoors and how much wonderful amenities we have in our area. So, an extension of outdoor recreational infrastructure, whatever it may be, is always welcome. People, for the last number of years, have always suggested to me, “We have a slip up, a walk of the Blueway in Newcastle, it would be great to have it longer and to connect along the other villages as well.”

Have your say by using the public consultation questionnaire: