Nallen: Atmosphere key to reopening hospitality sector

An easing of social distancing guidelines would be a game changer according to a leading Tipperary’s hotelier.

At present a 2 metre space between people is recommended.

Many businesses in the hospitality sector claim operating under this limit would not be financially viable.

Elizabeth Nallen of Hotel Minella in Clonmel says a reduction to 1 metre would not only allow them to cater for more people but would also make the whole experience better for customers.

“We’re a hospitality environment – people want to see other people, people want an atmosphere.”

“It’s very to create an atmosphere when you’re two metres apart from people. Families from the same household can sit together so that’s no problem but you know you don’t want to be a million miles away.”

“We’re not a hospital, we’re hospitality and we’ve got to create an atmosphere so it is quite hard to create an atmosphere at that distance.”