Bumper July and August on Lough Derg

Photo © Tipp FM

Lough Derg has welcomed a great number of new Irish visitors this summer according to Tipperary Tourism.

Marketing Officer for the lake, Sinéad Cahalan, says that businesses there have enjoyed a “good summer” despite the drastic decrease in overseas visitors.

With the focus on staycations this year, many Irish people have sampled what there is to offer along the popular Shannon waterway.

Sinéad says that many local businesses have done well despite the difficult trading conditions.

“We have had some incredible reviews and our trade have told us they were full for July and August.”

“It’s a cause for optimism to be honest going forward. They’ve discovered the lake. They’ve discovered how easy it is to get there – like 90 minutes from the Red Cow (in Dublin) and you can be in Terryglass or Killaloe. And there’s a wealth of experiences to be had around the lake.”