Tipperary’s new senator says he will be using time in the Seanad to benefit the county

Senator Garret Ahearn

Tipperary’s newly-elected Senator says he will be using his time in the Upper House to benefit the Premier County.

Mayor of Clonmel Garret Ahearn took a seat on the Administrative Panel in the Seanad elections.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier the Fine Gael representative said all of Tipperary’s national politicians should play their part for the county:

“A senator isn’t seen as having a constituency as such, although for me certainly I’ll be using the Seanad role in terms of promoting Tipperary.

“I always think, the more public representatives you have from a county, I think it’s better for that county.”

Councillor Pat English will now take over as Mayor of Clonmel, having been Deputy Mayor up to now.