Tipperary’s Chief Superintendent Says Garda Changes – Good For The Premier

Photo © Pat Flynn

Tipperary’s Chief Superintendent promises a better service, specialised units and more resources for the county.

Speaking on Tipp Today this morning, Derek Smart admitted he was disappointed that the Divisional HQ is being moved to Clare as part of the new policing model but insists the Premier wont be sidelined.

Just days after appearing before the Joint Policing Committee in Tipperary – Chief Superintendent Derek Smart took to the Tipp FM airwaves this morning to personally try and reassure both the public and Garda members about the impending changes under Commissioner Harris’s new policing model.

Where Superintendents are moved from a division they will be replaced by Inspectors with an increase in both Inspectors and Sergeants rolled out nationwide promising 24/7 supervision, help and advice.

The new Operating Model will enhance the investigation of crime through the delivery of a greater range of specialised services in local areas such as the investigation of sexual crime, domestic violence, cyber crime, and economic crime while complex or highly technical crimes will generally be dealt with at national level.

Chief Superintendent Derek Smart insists it will reduce paperwork, free up officers and see more Gardai on the ground as he outlined the new process.

The Chief Superintendent said he put a strong case forward for having the Divisional HQ in Tipperary given its sheer size and while disappointed that its going to Ennis – he said he trusts the Commissioners experience.

There was a lot of anger in Tipperary when the changes were announced last week – The GRA said the proposals didn’t make sense, while Chief Superintendent Smart said staff at the Thurles station were obviously upset and concerned that the Divisional HQ was going.

But Derek Smart moved to reassure them that this is about getting more Gardai on the ground.