Tipperary underground concert to be aired on TV this week

Photo courtesy of missionpr.ie

South Tipperary will be showcased later on this week in a televised concert from the Mitchelstown Caves.

The Subterranean Sessions features the likes of Lyra, Roisin O, Talos, Chasing Amy, Paul Noonan and Gavin James just to name a few.

It was filmed in the Burncourt Caves last December but it goes out on television this coming Thursday.

Speaking to Tipp FM News, John English from the Mitchelstown Caves explained why this concert is so special.

“Well this concert is probably one of the most special we’ve ever had, because it was the first ever televised from the cave.

“The reason it was televised is that it was during lockdown and we couldn’t host our normal concerts.

“It’s going to give people an idea of what it’s actually like to be in a concert at the caves.

“The caves are famous for the acoustics, there’s a two second reverb in the caves, so that’s as close as you’d get naturally to a recording studio.”

John added that they are seeing much more people visiting from local areas, those on staycation or going for daytrips.

He said that between Cahir Castle, the Swiss Cottage, the caves and the Rock of Cashel, there are enough attractions for a three-day visit.

“It’s giving people an opportunity to see what’s in the area, when they can’t travel abroad,” John added.