Tipperary tourist attractions fear they are facing into bleak summer

Photo © Tipp FM

The many tourist attractions in Tipperary are facing into a bleak summer.

The Covid-19 pandemic is set to decimate the number of foreign and Irish tourists visiting the likes of the Rock of Cashel and Cahir Castle.

Cahir based Councillor Andy Moloney admits it will be a difficult time for those in the tourism industry but hopes people will rally round when things improve:

“It’s going to hit every town, every village. International trade, tourism trade is going to be hit as well.

“But we would hope that when things settle down a small bit, people will stay in Ireland this year and support local. That’s what we have to try and promote once this epidemic is over – that we support our own and shop local and keep it local.

“I think it has levelled an awful lot of people, and grounded a lot of people in their attitudes. So hopefully we’ll see an influx of Irish visitors to Irish sites this year.”